Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1-4 Time Marches On

Our last chapter left our little family looking forward to some birthdays. Andy, being the oldest, goes first. We didn't get far on his child aspiration and he was one day short of getting an A. We had the extra-credit done and everything else covered, the bar was right there, but no go. Timing was just not on our side. As for his child aspiration I couldn't get an adult to read to a child. Clicking on the book didn't bring up the option, I think it must have been a glitch, because the next time I was in game it worked just fine. Though the parent did seem to get stuck in the motion and not actually read it seemed to count.

So the whole birthday thing seems to be kind of random on the times. Poor Pace came home from work early and aged up before we could get him to his cake. He had the sad moodlet due to everyone missing his birthday. Dahlia did her best to cheer him up, and decided she had to bake Andy a cake. Worried that he too would come home early on the last day and miss his party, they celebrated before school that day.
Being new to the whole birthday cake, celebrate, age up thing. Andy tasted the frosting and that was all it took to age up :( I didn't get to see him blow out the candles and make a wish.!

Now to see what his new trait will be and his Adult Aspiration. *drum roll please*

Self-Assured, well that's cool, that makes him the heir since my rules follow the exemplar trait and in the event of a tie the slot goes to first born. So Andy what do you aspire to be?

Master Mixologist, What? are you kidding me? Here I was hoping for a bit higher of an aspiration :( What do you think of your future Andy?

That face! It says it all, and I couldn't agree more, sigh, oh well we make the best of it. Now to get you through High School!

Brea, Being the rambunctious scamp that she was needed to log 10 hours on the computer playing games. She was just about to master the game when the computer crashed.
Pace quickly set things right and she was soon back to completing her next milestone in her child aspiration.

You were amazing dad! Thanks so much for fixing the computer for me. I need to finish my typing for class.

It's what I do, just remember when you get a popup about an update, let mum or I make sure it's legit. 

Meanwhile Andy is trying to recapture the muscles he had when he aged to teen. All that hanging about on the monkey bars had him looking pretty cut, now the pudge is setting in. 
Andy you hit like a girl! Your not pounding the punching bag into the ground, extend your arm from the shoulder, don't swing wild like that! Shuddup it's hard to see it's so dark out here. Um, that would be the shades. pffft. 
Ya know son, this is the life. Hanging out at home after work with a nice drink to unwind. Ah the golden years can't get much better than this! I could get used to this. What made you think about mixology? I didn't really have a choice pop, it was just the way things rolled.

Dahlia went looking for new plants for her garden. She came upon this weird tree and after careful inspection she found a small door. Wow, this can't be real! Should I check it out? Sure, go for it. I'll help direct you through, just let me know if the path changes.
After walking for what seemed like hours, she found the end of the tunnel and stepped through a tree, just like the one in town, into a beautiful secluded glade. The light filtering through gave everything a pink hue. She stood forever drinking it all in. This is amazing!

But not all of it was beautiful, as she wandered through the hair on her neck stood up. I feel like I'm being watched, and I don't mean you. There is something evil lurking here, I can feel it. In the mist we could see the sinister glowing red eyes

She tried her hand at fishing but didn't have any luck, she found a frog or two, but none of the plants were ready to be harvested, and she hasn't yet learned how to take a cutting. Hopefully she can come back again to explore a bit more. Tired and needing to pee, she slipped back through the tree and headed home.
Soon it was time for Brea to age up. Her birthday fell on a weekend so again despite completing all she needed for her A the timing was just not in our favor. She completed all but one goal of her third stage of her aspiration. We really did push to get it completed, but I didn't want her to miss her birthday. Um Brea, whatcha wearing? It's a cow hat, and it makes me feel smexy! Er....ok, well we will see how long this lasts. Brea's teen trait is Bro, sigh, and Adult Aspiration, wow lets mix it up kids, she wants to be a Master Chef. Oh goody, the cooking career for them both!

Pace, what er you.....NO Pace, no don't lie down, get up! 107 days is way too young! I'm not ready for you to go, we were almost there on your aspy and your career! Grimm you heartless devil you! No one is home, they will never even know he's gone! 

I'm so tired, I can't take another step, just let me rest here a bit.

Dahlia came home just as Grimm was leaving in a puff of thick black smoke. He never got to see the kids graduate, or meet any of his grandchildren. There just wasn't enough for any life potions yet. In his old age he got meaner than any of the kids had ever seen before so their relationships were pretty low. Even his with Dahlia's, only Brea seemed to be sad about her fathers passing, thought it was only a few hours rather than a few days.
She headed to bed after finishing her homework to cry it out and fell asleep.
Dahlia watched over her for a few hours. Oh what are we going to do? We sure will miss his quirky personality, even if he was mean occasionally, he really loved these kids. Sniff I know, I wasn't ready for him to go either. I'll make a special place for him out back. We'll put a big Cherry tree there and some wildflowers.

Next chapter we will see how life without Pace will be fore our legacy family. Will anyone reach their aspiration goals? Will Dahlia be able to support the family with only one income or will the kids have to get jobs?